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Barry Tarpey Gainey

Hi, I am Barry Tarpey Gainey and I am a Digital Marketing Post Grad Student Eager To Make My Mark.

Barry Tarpey Gainey is marketing and sales executive with excellent experience in business development and account management. Barry Tarpey Gainey has been involved with PharmaPOS since it began where he has overseen business development and secured over 450 customers. He also oversees the management of all of these accounts with a strong focus on customer relations. Barry Tarpey Gainey has a degree in marketing and a post grad in Digital Marketing from DCU. The course offered the opportunity to work with real clients allowing him to gain great experience in digital marketing campaign management.

Barry Tarpey Gainey's Background

Barry Tarpey Gainey's Experience

Customer Service at Telstra

February 2008 - September 2008

I spent a year travelling throughout Australia and Asia. Whilst in Australia I worked as a customer service agent for Telstra. They had recently issued a stock purchase option for existing stock holders and I worked in a call center dealing with queries regarding their options.

Marketing Executive at Arithon

February 2006 - 2007

I joined the company directly after completing my degree in business. I immediately wanted to gain experience in the area of marketing and began contacting companies offering to work for free. Arithon was a small company and my need for experience fitted well with their desire to expand. I wrote text for their new website, worked directly with a graphic designer to help design advertisements to be included in relevant publications. I created and distributed regular press releases. I put together presentations for exhibitions and potential clients. Part of my job was to monitor our company image on the internet, which included participation on forums and blog contributions.

Marketing and Sales Executive at Documation Limited

October 2008

My role involves working with retailers providing them a service to increase their sales through the use of point of purchase marketing. A large part of my job is business development and increasing our customer base. This is done by meeting with retailers and consulting with them how our service can increase their sales and make their business a better selling environment. I manage and support each of our 450 customer accounts. I train customers how best to use point of sale materials so as to maximise impulse buys, customer loyalty and their customers shopping experience. I liaise with category management providers who work with our customers. Regularly meet with large distributors and wholesalers for feedback on marketing activities. Consult with industry bodies (Irish Pharmacies Union) to agree on best practice in marketing. I am involved in all our direct marketing output which includes the creation of content and measurement reports for email, direct mail and fax campaigns. I manage all our social media marketing. I also manage the analyse and reporting of our website traffic.

Barry Tarpey Gainey's Education


2011 – 2012

Post Graduate Certificate

Dublin Institute of Technology

2001 – 2005

Bsc Business Studies

Concentration: Marketing

Barry Tarpey Gainey's Interests & Activities

Digital marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, technology, blogging, sport, music, travel, socialising, friends, family

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